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Handmade In Canada

Handcrafted In Canada is a marketplace where you can discover Canadian artisans.

Our artisan marketplace makes it easy for you to connect directly with a maker. We are a gateway that directs traffic to an artisan online. We serve as another marketing channel to promote and send traffic via links to where a maker is promoting themselves online.

Our role is to provide the online marketing that is critical to getting found on the internet.


artisans online

Canadian Artisans Online

Artisans online market their handmade products on Etsy, Amazon Handmade and a number of other well known markets such as the One Of A Kind Store.

Artisans also promote their work on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Stand alone artisan websites are easily made with many website builders like Shopify, Wix, Squarespace and Webbly.

Our artisan marketplace is built with WordPress and a WooCommerce store. WordPress powers over 20 percent of all internet websites large and small. WordPress takes more learning but still does not require coding skills.

Our Artisan Marketplace

Our handmade products marketplace concept was created because we saw how difficult it was for artisans to get found online. After spending the valuable time and money to establish an online presence with a website or on a well known marketplace, nothing happens.

The issue with well known handmade online markets is getting found. Etsy has over 30 million buyers that visit the website but they also have close to 2 million sellers on the marketplace. Etsy will help you with this to get found in search.

How to Get Found in Search

“Getting found in search may seem daunting, but all it takes is a little know-how.”

You also need to do a lot of testing of search terms and you are then presented alongside a lot of competition.

For example, a search on Google for “jewellery Etsy” takes you to an Etsy page where you can refine your search to “necklaces” and then “pendants”. At this point you are presented with over 1,000,000 items found and the first 4 items are paid ads. The website traffic is huge but so is the competition. This is just the real world of marketing on the internet.

Promoting your own website online to get found in a Google search is even more difficult and requires a lot of SEO knowledge. Even if you rank on page one, you are competing with paid ads and local search results. You are competing with larger websites that have deep pockets and can hire professional SEO services. Your website cannot compete with the professional SEO campaigns for any generic or high competition keywords and keyword phrases.


artisan online marketing

Handcrafted In Canada

Online Marketing, Our Solution

Our online marketing skills cannot get around the challenge of high competition for common and generic keywords and keyword phrases. However, the key to getting ranked and getting traffic to your website is to understand and use the power of long tail keyword phrases. The competition is low, the total traffic is high and paid ads are often not a factor. The local search results are in fact a part of long tail keyword marketing when other local search techniques (such as citations) are applied.

Content that is fresh and informative attracts Google and pulls traffic to your website. The best way to deliver this content is with a regular blog, written for the reader, but also optimized for search engines.

Our Handcrafted MarketplaceĀ 

Our marketplace is like an online artisan marketing co-op but operated by an online marketing service. We pull in the traffic using content about our members and direct that traffic to the artisan. We connect to all the efforts you are currently making to develop an online presence, so it does not require any more valuable time and effort than you are already making. We are another marketing channel and have no conflict with anything else you may be doing. If you have an Etsy store, we will link your profile to your Etsy store. Our focus is to have the customer deal directly with you.

You can sell on our store and we will send any orders directly to you for fulfillment.

How Does It Work?

There are no commissions or listing fees. You will be asked to pay a flat annual feeĀ  for a full profile page. A premium member will also be part of the top menu and will be featured in a blog every quarter. The blog will provide links internally to your profile page and direct links to your store, Instagram or website as you specify. All our bogs are optimized for SEO with a targeted keyword strategy.

You will benefit from the traffic generated by our other artisans and the increased trust that the collective group will build.


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