Handcrafted in Canada

Our goal is to offer online shoppers a unique marketplace of talented Canadian artisans.

Our marketplace offers only designer products that are handcrafted by Canadian artisans.

Each maker has a portfolio page that includes everything anyone may wish to know about this artist or artisan.

The vendor portfolio page highlights products that can be shopped directly when an item catches a buyers attention.

The profile page includes a link to any Instagram posts and a FOLLOW button for any other social media.

Our administration role is to build and maintain the marketplace website and to provide the online marketing through social media and blog content marketing,  using all the best practices of technical SEO.  Our marketing strategy and effort will assure that we are included on the first page of the search results when shoppers look for products that are handcrafted in Canada by Canadian artisans.

How The Marketplace Works

Working together with us, designers and artisans can add another channel to their marketing efforts, while aligning with other quality handcrafted products. There is no conflict with any other online presence, even your own website.

We invite artisans that we discover to join us. The complete set up on the marketplace is free.

Our success depends completely on your success.

We are the marketing agency for the marketplace.

We drive the traffic to the website and benefit only when the vendor makes actual sales and profits.

Our organic online marketing, using a regular blog and social media, creates a cumulative impact on our marketplace ranking.



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