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Artisan Marketplaces

Artisan Marketplaces provide a maker with online traffic so they can be found on the internet and sell their creations.


artisan marketplaces

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Etsy is the best known online artisan marketplace and has recently been joined by Handmade At Amazon in Canada.

We have launched Handcrafted In Canada as an artisan marketplace for Canadian artisans only. We have no listing fees and no commissions. We plan to charge an annual flat fee but only after our website has the traffic to deliver orders for the artisans that are profiled on the marketplace.


Handcrafted In Canada

We are sending the following email to artisans that we find online to introduce our artisan marketplace.


We have designed a new marketplace for Canadian artisans.

Please take a look at

Our role is to do the online marketing, blogging and SEO needed to draw visitors to the website.

We will provide you with a profile page which also links to everything else you are doing online on social media, a website or an Etsy store etc. If you are wholesaling, we can link to your stockists. There are no conflicts. You can list items on our ecommerce pages and we will send the orders to you. No fees or commissions.

We pull the visitors to our marketplace and link them directly to you.

We do plan to charge a flat annual fee of $199 once our website is ranking well and drawing good traffic. There is no obligation to continue as a paid registration.

If you are interested please contact us by return email.


Please contact us if you have an interest and we will call you to discuss the details and introduce ourselves.


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