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Marketing Your Artisan Creations Online

Every artisan selling handmade creations needs an online presence to create a sustainable income. Artists and artisan makers all have a website, a Facebook and Instagram page, an Etsy account or all of the above. The big issue is getting found in the vast expanse of the internet.

Handcrafted In Canada will make sure you are visible online.


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Creating and promoting the website of your handcrafted creations takes a lot of time and is expensive if you have to hire someone to do it for you. It takes a certain amount of technical knowledge as to how a Google search works and how to get found on page one of the search results. Spare time to work on a website is exactly what creative artists do not have. Google search results, Facebook and Etsy are increasingly being driven by paid ads and promoted listings. Ranking for an organic search and getting found amid the clutter is becoming more and more difficult and requires SEO expertise that most people do not understand (or have an interest in).

Handcrafted In Canada

Our website works to overcome the time and SEO expertise issues.

We are an online marketing service that drives traffic to anything you are already doing online.

We link to your website. We feature your Instagram page. We connect to your Facebook or your Etsy store.

Your online traffic will come from our website which is found due to the power of our content marketing. Our regular blogging and frequently updated website assure high visibility online. Our website content with blogs, artisan profiles and images of handmade creations pulls traffic, and traffic means more sales for you.

We publish content that attracts customers. Our content also includes a strategy to attract visitors at the moment they are ready to take action.

All Our Focus Is On Canadian Artisans

Our niche is Canadian makers, artisans and artists.

Join our marketplace. We do not charge setup fees or commissions.

Contact us today to become a member of our community.


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